• Demonstration intermediate results for Anticancer drug preparation Anyfusion ACPi V100+CAM system

    This report is for 3 major hospitals in Seoul that introduced dispensing robots, 2 hospitals that are planning to purchase robots, and 15 hospitals in total, 5 in the Seoul metropolitan area and 5 in the provinces.

    In conclusion, the full closed system, innovative technology such as minimizing the risk of leakage and exposure of anticancer drugs, high dosage, wide dosage range (expected 95%), functions and performance, equipment price, and existing facilities (BSC) only by demonstration in the state of not being used Confirmation of the need for ACPi in areas that can be used, supply conditions for consumables, etc., areas where robots cannot dispense (24.8% of robot formulation range) 5FU anticancer drug mass formulation, TPN formulation combined use (foreign TPN formulation machine, about 100 million won), powder formulation formulation, PCA balloon filling, etc. And it was confirmed that there was no comparison with the robot.

    For this reason, all hospitals, including the one that purchased the robot, decided to demo the ACPi 100 system.

    Although it was recognized that it would be difficult to make a purchase request easily due to the sensitivity to the request for additional purchase of the ACPi, which is necessary equipment, it is widely used and purchased most of the time when it is necessary to purchase it as a reference for the competitiveness and work efficiency improvement of ACPi in academic societies or practical hospitals.

    Robots have low practicality compared to cost, so hospitals (most hospitals excluding major hospitals) that are struggling with practical difficulties such as business setbacks due to a lack of pharmacists will be the saviors when ACPi reliability is verified.

    As a result of the preliminary market research, we expected ACPi to be a technology optimized for advanced overseas markets, but key officials from major hospitals who had visited overseas markets agreed and agreed. ACPi system is for markets in developed countries such as USA, Japan, Germany and Europe.

    We are expected to make up for the deficiencies presented in the demo process and there will be additional reviews and considerations for all-in-one products from casting to injection, but we will respond with policies and strategies that minimize the burden on the end user.

    We feel that the Anyfusion platform items are leading the market, centering on Anyfusion ACPi.

    In order to lead the global market, it is possible to revitalize the global market through step-by-step and systematic activities such as publication, presentation, exhibition, and publicity of real world references as well as clinical trials. In order to complete the Anyfusion global leader project, including ICT and IoT convergence smart system Anyfusion platform items, a full reference site including real world reference must be built of course. A university hospital supports the establishment of such a full referenc site company-wide. We are discussing a win-win role for globalization of Anyfusion, a domestic source technology, to create a successful model.

    Thank you to all those involved for your great interest.

    Thank you.

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