• Development completed automatic Anyfusion ACPi single channel 1st prototype HIS linked

    We have developed manual products, Anyfusion ACPi V100 and CAM system, have been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and have demonstrated and introduced them to several hospitals.

    We are developing HIS-linked Anyfusion ACPi single channel and multi channel, automatic anticancer drug dispensing equipment selected as BIG3 project by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, as scheduled, and we would like to introduce the first Anyfusion ACPi single channel prototype.

    We will complete the development by the end of September 2021, add HIS-linked Anyfusion ACPi Pro single channel, an automatic anticancer (injection) drug dispensing equipment, and build a wide portfolio in terms of combined dosage and 95% formulation range with the manual Anyfusion ACPi V100.

    Automatic HIS-linked Anyfusion ACPi single channel reflects the opinions of practitioners at the dispensing field, with an error accuracy of ±1%, and is automatically controlled when a quantity that cannot be realized by a robot is prepared (mixed). By applying innovative dispensing technology to minimize confusion and errors of the dispenser, various functions that improve safety and effectiveness have been developed to increase work efficiency, and it is judged to have a higher-grade monopoly competitiveness.

    If the dispensing robot has limitations in field application at an unreasonable price due to its monopoly position despite lack of functions and performance, it is a combination of Anyfusion ACPi V100 and single channel ACPi with a reasonable price and various functions and performance, and can be easily applied to dispensers all over the world. We want to alleviate the difficulties and hardships of people.

    Thank you.

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