Plans to simultaneously contract for Anyfusion distribution in 35 countries globally, including the

Anyfusion ACPi system is a key source technology (world's first, only, principle, concept) that introduces drugs into an extraction dispensing container without using a syringe.

Anti-cancer drugs are highly toxic, and it is essential to ensure dispenser safety and accurately extract, introduce, and dispense the correct amount. CSTDs were developed to ensure compounder safety. To date, we know that three companies have patented CSTDs.  It is expected to be a 7-8 trillion won sales market in 2023, with sales growth of about 1 trillion won per year at a 20% growth rate. In developed countries, dispensing anticancer drugs without CSTDs has been culturized as an unthinkable task.

Two major global companies with patented CSTD products in 35 countries have proposed a strategic collaboration with Anyfusion Semi Auto Quick ACPi system (hereinafter referred to as "ACPi system"). The reason is that their CSTDs are dispensed by human hands with syringes. The ACPi system is the only one that accurately dispenses the dose without exposure (CSTD) by a machine (cylinder cartridge and pump) rather than a syringe. Therefore, two companies have proposed a strategic alliance, and one company has proposed and is negotiating an investment with a joint venture (JV).

In addition, the ACPI system is the only procedure in which a machine, rather than a syringe, fills the PCA balloon with medication accurately and quickly. Information from a Japanese partner of a company we are interested in partnering with informed us that Japan has developed and is using a dedicated PCA balloon filling pump based on the syringe pump concept that mechanically removes the syringe. Filling a PCA balloon with a syringe requires a lot of physical force, which is avoided due to the strain on the body, and the most difficult task is to fill it accurately, quickly, and easily by a machine, which is the ACPi system. This is why Japanese companies supplying PCA are actively requesting contracts with purchase intentions. (In Korea, Chungcheongbuk-do National C Hospital is one example)

ACPi system is a multifunctional unmet need technology equipment for fluid dispensing and TPN dispensing, and as soon as possible, an exclusive supply contract and investment contract are being signed with a company that has the best CSTD performance of the two companies and is compatible with ACPi system and ACPi kit set, which is an essential consumable for ACPi system. Once the exclusive supply agreement and certification are completed, the ACPi system and ACPi kit set will be supplied simultaneously to the 35 countries where the company supplies CSTDs, and trillions in sales and an early listing are expected.

When the compounded anticancer drug is infused into the patient, the infusion set is first connected to the infusion bag, primed, removed from the bag, connected to the compounded anticancer drug bag, infused, and then connected to the infusion bag again for cleaning to remove any residual anticancer drug in the infusion set. Another potential of the ACPi system is that when the anti-cancer drug dispensed by the ACPi system is injected into the Anyfusion cylinder pump, the cartridge set for the Anyfusion cylinder pump performs all these processes with one set, and the use of the Anyfusion cylinder pump is linked to the sales of the ACPi system, which is expected to expand the sales of the Anyfusion cylinder pump (the first trial hospital in Korea is No.1 It is a branch of A Hospital, a private major hospital)

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