CEO Message

This is Lee, Sang Bin, CEO of Meinntech Co., Ltd.
Dreams, and your highs are not afraid of the Meinntech
and enjoy the challenges of the future.

Challenge is chance, Change is chance

    Greeting all, this is Lee, Sang Bin, CEO of Meinntech Co., Ltd.

  • Truly Thank you for all who those give love, support, guidance and encourage to Meinntech Co., Ltd established in July 2001.
  • I have learned that a key of becoming a leader in globalism is new technology with evolution and progression that advanced in time from competiveness of global market when I worked in a multinational pharmaceutical company for 16 years from 1984. The field of clinical study in Korean Medical Industry has been improved and developed to the global level; however, field of medicine and medical device industry still stay in inferior stage that industrialize by imitating and developing as of expiration of patent of global product-blockbuster. This strategy is applied in China, Indonesia and other newly industrialized countries that hang us by a thread. This is the reason why I established Meinntech Co., Ltd was to support Korean Medical Industry by marketing in domestic and international with invention of source core technology.
  • To reach $30k of national income with imitation and development which is reachable to $20k of national income requires a completed product of source core technology such as USA, Germany, Japan, France and Swiss etc. I have faith that there should establish as many laboratories and employments as making a unique product of source core technology that contains high-value and competitiveness to the global market for our people living in happiness and wealth.
  • China and Indonesia pressing Korean industry in global marketing due to rapid industrialization are leading the future market through becoming G2 based on geopolitical competitiveness.
  • However, they will become black hole of medical industrialization due to pollution that causes the number of disease and patient. Imitation and improved product is not able to compete with others in global market. I believe that the only unique source core technology is competitive. Through of the ideologies that I have, I have spent so much time on development of source core technology based on marketing and sales Know-How from multinational pharmaceutical company to get through the global market and set up the net-work system .
  • Bio-Industry is to enhance people’s health in the world through hardship. It reminds saying of sweet after bitter that overcome the hardship by organization of government, enterprises, and labors to make the products in trust and safe for people who use. We strengthen the basis with the first product; we are ready to expand ourselves as global corporation in leading global market with our second product.
  • Meinntech Co., Ltd with CEO myself, executives and staff members constantly challenge with our sense of duty that results of established successful model by turning crisis to opportunity. I would like to share an opportunity and an honor with people those who cares, support, love, and encourage Meinntech Co., Ltd.
  • Thank you very much.